Steps In The Home Buying Process:

Step 1:
Get pre-qualified for a loan. Meet with your bank, or a mortgage broker to determine your ability to purchase your new or existing home. If you need contacts to help you, feel free to call me, I can get you in contact with some of the best.

Step 2:
Call or email me with parameters that meet your needs. Location, bed/bath, price and amenity. I will conduct a search and email you the results. The search listings public feed on this and other sites is a good tool. However when I (a broker with MLS) conduct the search you receive the information that you need to make clear decisions on a properties visit worthiness in real time.

Step 3:
Now we break them down, and choose the ones we will view. Usually by now you have given me information that you did not even know was pertinent. We spend the time you need to make a decision without being rushed or pressed by sales tactics.  It is my job to provide you with information, not sell you. The home buying process is a team commitment.

Step 4:
It is time to make an offer based on my expertise and your desire. Step 4 takes us to contract negotiation and acceptance.

Step 5:
Working to Loan Approval. Your lender will have certain information and obligations that must be met. I am here to help.

Step 6:
As per your contract there are inspections and other matters that must be attended to during this 30-40 day contract period. I will tend to all of it! You have your day to day life and other responsibilities, but don't worry you will be updated every step along the way.

Step 7:
Close on your new home!